Server crash & Books correction feature

Jul 26, 2019
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Hello! First of all, our Team wants to thank all users for your support! On July 20 we had a major server crash and many books and covers were damaged. Some services like Online reader and File conversion may work unstably. The recovery of all data will take up to 2 weeks (you can track the recovery process on the main page). So we came to the decision at this time to double the download limits for all users until the problem is completely resolved.

We get a lot of suggestions for help in uploading missed books and we really appreciate it.  Do not worry, we have all the files but to restore it will take some time.

And about the good news: today we will tell you about the new option for correcting book information.
Thanks to your letters and comments we learn about errors in the description of books (for example, incorrect title, author, cover and etc.). Before we did not have the opportunity to edit such information but now it is possible. Unfortunately, we can’t check every book so we’ll need your help. Now if you notice that the information about the book is incorrect or completely absent you can offer us your correction option by clicking on the “Suggest a correction” button (see the screenshot below).

You will see a window with editable fields. After making all the corrections and by clicking on the “Suggest” button you send it to us for moderation. We will try as quickly as possible to check the new information and add it to the site!

We hope this option will help us correct all inaccuracies in the description of books and will make the search more convenient for you.

And in the end, we want to thank the user Sharun Kumar, who specifically for us made the design of this feature. Thanks from our Team and from all users!


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R. David Lankes